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Joe Kubert comics checklist

Joe Kubert comic book artist This blog's Joe Kubert checklist is continually expanded and updated. Issues below are listed alphabetically and by rating (the more stars, the better the artwork in my opinion). Each title is followed by issue numbers and a letter designating whether it has: a (interior art by the artist), c (cover by the artist), ac (art & cover by the artist), ar (interior art reprint by the artist) or cr (cover reprint by the artist). A cross (†) indicates non-attributed or mis-attributed art.

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Abbott and Costello 10a
Amazing Ghost Stories 16ar
Atom and Hawkman 39c 40ac 41ac 42ac 43c 44c 45c
Batman 328c
Battle 37a
Blackhawk 244c 245c
Brave and the Bold 34ac 35ac 36ac 40ac 42ac 44ac 84a
Crime Smashers 2c
DC Comics Presents 66ac
DC 100 Page Super Spectacular 6ar
DC Special Series 3c
DC Superstars 15c
Detective Comics 438ar 439ar
Diary Secrets 17ar 20ar
1st Issue Special 9c 12c
Flash 108a
Frontline Combat 14a
Ghosts 8a105c 111c
Hawk 2a 9ar
Heroes Against Hunger a
Hollywood Confessions 1ac
House of Mystery 282c 283c 308c
Jew Gangster ac
Justice Inc. 1c 4c
Kobra 6c
Limited Collectors' Edition C-36ac
Lovers 25a 30a
Marines In Battle 7a
Meet Miss Pepper 5ac 6ac
Mystery In Space 35a 111c 112c 113ac 114c 115c
Nightmare v2 10c 12c
Omac 8c
One Million Years Ago (Tor) 1ac
Our Army at War 182ac 183c 184ac 186ac 187c 188ac 189ac 191ac 192ac 193ac 194ac 195ac 198ac 200ac 202ac 206ac 207ac 235c 240ac/ar 241c 254c
Our Fighting Forces 134c 146c 151c 160c 161c
Pictorial Confessions 3ac
Pictorial Romances 11ar
Prison Riot 1a
Ragman 1c 2c 3ac 4ac 5ac
Rima 1c 2c 3c 4c 5c 6c 7c
Secret Origins 1ar
Secret Origins v2 1ar
Secret Origins of the Super DC Heroes ar
Secrets of Haunted House 41c
Showcase 2a 4ac 57ac 58ac 82c 83c 84c 85ac 86ac 87ac 101c 104c
Son of Sinbad 1ac
Star Spangled War Stories 138ac 139ac 140ac 141ac 142ac 143ac 144ac 145ac 146ac 164c 172c 180c
Strange Terrors 3a 4a 5a 7ac
Tarzan of the Apes 207ac 208ac 209ac 210ac 211ac 212ac 213ac 214ac 215ac 231ac 232ac
Teen-age Romances 9a
Three Stooges v2 1a
Tor v1 2Aac 2Bac 3ac 4ac 5ac
Tor v2 1ac 2c/ar 3c/ar 4ac/ar 5c/ar 6c/ar
Unexpected 204c
Unknown Soldier 219c 254c 255c 256c
Vigilante 27c
Weird Horrors 7a 8ac 9ac
Weird Thrillers 4a
Weird War Tales 1ac/ar 2ac 3ac 4c 5c 6c 7ac/ar 36c/ar 51c 52c 72c
Weird Western Tales 12c 33c
Weird Worlds 1c
Western Gunfighters v2 2ar
Western Outlaws v2 9a
Witchcraft 1a

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Son of Sinbad 1c
Star Spangled War Stories 143c
Tarzan of the Apes 207c 212a
Star Spangled War 138a 143c

Atom and Hawkman 43c
Blackhawk 244c
Brave and the Bold 34a 35ac 36ac 40a 42a 44a
DC Comics Presents 66a
Meet Miss Pepper 5c 6c
One Million Years Ago (Tor) 1a
Our Army at War 191ac 202a 207ac
Ragman 4a 5a
Rima 2c 3c 4c 5c
Showcase 85a 86a 87a
Son of Sinbad 1a
Star Spangled War Stories 138c 139a 140a 141a 142a 143a 145a 146c
Strange Terrors 7c
Tarzan of the Apes 211a 214a 231a 232a
Tor v1 2Aa 2Ba 3ac 4ac 5a
Tor v2 1ac 2c 6ar
Weird Horrors 9a
Weird War Tales 1a 7a

Abbott and Costello 10a
Atom and Hawkman 39c 40c 42ac 44c 45c
Battle 37a
Brave and the Bold 34c 40c 44ac 84a
Crime Smashers 2c
DC Comics Presents 66c
DC Special Series 3c
DC Superstars 15c
1st Issue Special 12c
Frontline Combat 14a
Ghosts 105c 111c
Hawk 2a
Hollywood Confessions 1ac
House of Mystery 283c 308c
Jew Gangster ac
Kobra 6c
Limited Collectors' Edition C-36ac
Lovers 30a
Meet Miss Pepper 5a 6a
Mystery In Space 35a 112c 113ac 114c 115c
Nightmare v2 10c 12c
One Million Years Ago (Tor) 1ac
Our Army at War 182ac 183c 184ac 186ac 189c 192c 193ac 194ac 195a 198ac 200ac 202ac 206ac 235c 240ac 241c 254c
Our Fighting Forces 146c
Pictorial Confessions 3ac
Prison Riot 1a
Ragman 2c 3ac 4c 5c
Rima 1c 6c 7c
Secrets of Haunted House 41c
Showcase 2a 4ac 57ac 58a 83c 85c 86c 87c 101c
Son of Sinbad 1a
Star Spangled War Stories 139c 140c 141c 142c 144ac 164c 172c 180c
Strange Terrors 3a 4a 5a 7a
Tarzan of the Apes 207a 208ac 209ac 210ac  211c 212c 213ac 214c 215ac 232c
Three Stooges v2 1a
Tor v1 2Aa 2Ba 3a 4a 5ac
Tor v2 3c 4ac 5c 6c/ar
Unexpected 204c
Unknown Soldier 255c 256c
Vigilante 27c
Weird Horrors 7a 8ac 9c
Weird War Tales 1ca 2ac 3ac 4c 5c 7c 51c 52c 72c
Witchcraft 1a

Atom and Hawkman 40a 41ac
Batman 328c
Blackhawk 245c
Brave and the Bold 42c
1st Issue Special 9c
Heroes Against Hunger a
Hollywood Confessions 1a
House of Mystery 282c
Justice Inc. 1c 4c
Lovers 25a
Meet Miss Pepper 6a
Mystery In Space 111c
Omac 8c
One Million Years Ago (Tor) 1a
Our Army at War 187c 188ac 189ac 192a 195c 200a
Our Fighting Forces 134c 151c 160c 161c
Ragman 1c
Showcase 58c 82c 84c 104c
Star Spangled War Stories 145c 146a
Tarzan of the Apes 211a 231c
Teen-age Romances 9a
Tor 4a 5a
Tor v2 4a
Unknown Soldier 219c 254c
Weird Thrillers 4a
Weird War Tales 6c 36c 52c
Weird Western Tales 12c 33c
Weird Worlds 1c
Western Outlaws v2 9a

Marines In Battle 7a
Tor 2Ac 2Bc
Western Outlaws v2 9a

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