R - key comics checklist

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R2D2 1st
Ralph Dibney 1st
Rama-Tut 1st
Rahne Sinclair 1st
Ras Al Ghul 1st
Raven 1st tower 1960s
Raven 1st dc 1980s
Ray 1st
Ray Palmer 1st
Raza 1st
Razor Fist 1st
Red Bee 1st
Red Blazer 1st
Red Ghost 1st
Red Guardian 1st
Red Raven 1st
Red Skull 1st
Red Torpedo 1st
Red Wolf 1stsolo
Reed Richards 1st
Remy LeBeau 1st
Reno Jones 1st
Reuben Flagg 1st
Rex Mason 1st
Rex the Wonder Dog 1st
Rex Tyler 1st
Rhino 1st
Richard Ryder 1st
Rick Jones 1st
Rip Hunter Time Master 1st
Rita Farr 1st
Roberto DeCosta 1st
Robin 1st dc 1940s
Robin 1st / cover dc 1980s
Robotman 1st dc 1960s
Rocket Raccoon 1st
Rocketeer 1st / cover
Roger Bochs 1st
Rogue 1st
Rom 1st
Ronin 1st
Rorschach 1st
Roy Harper 1st
Roy Lincoln 1st
Roving Ranger 1st 
Rune 1st

1st = 1st full appearance
separate from 1st appearance:
origin = 1st origin
cover = 1st full cover appearance
solo = 1st solo story
series = 1st ongoing series begins
revival = 1st revival


Race for the Moon #1
Ragman #1
Rampaging Hulk #1
Rawhide / Four Color v2 #1028 (#1)
Real Fact Comics #1
Real McCoys / Four Color v2 #1071 (#1)
Red Raven Comics #1
Red Sonja v1 #1
Red Sonja v3 #1
Rima #1
Rio Bravo / Four Color v2 #1018
Ripley's Believe It or Not v2 #1
Rob Roy / Four Color v2 #544
Robin Hood Tales #1
Rom #1
Ronin #1
Rook #1
Rune #0

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