Galleries Checklist

Neal Adams
Green Lantern issues
X-men issues

Frank Brunner
Bronze age covers

Frank Frazetta
Famous Funnies covers
Golden age covers
Heroic Comics issues

Joe Kubert 
Brave and the Bold / Hawkman covers

Russ Manning
Korak issues
Magnus Robot Fighter issues

Frank Miller
Spectacular Spider-man covers

Don Newton
Charlton issues
Phantom issues

Mike Ploog
Frankenstein issues
Man-Thing issues
Marvel bronze age covers
Werewolf by Night issues

Nestor Redondo
Rima issues
Swamp Thing issues

Marshall Rogers
Detective Comics issues
Doctor Strange issues
Mister Miracle covers

Walt Simonson
Battlestar Galactica issues
Detective Comics / Manhunter issues
Hercules Unbound issues
Metal Men issues

Barry Windsor Smith
Conan the Barbarian issues
Marvel Comics Presents issues
New Mutants covers

Jim Starlin
Captain Marvel issues
DC Comics Presents covers
Marvel bronze age covers
Strange Tales / Warlock issues

Jim Steranko
Marvel bronze age covers
Nick Fury issues
Strange Tales issues

Alex Toth
Hot Wheels issues

Bernie Wrightson
House of Mystery covers
House of Secrets covers
Marvel bronze age covers
Swamp Thing issues

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