C - series checklist

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Cadet Gray of West Point
Canteen Kate
Cap'n Quick and a Foozle
Captain Action
Captain America
Captain America Comics
Captain America Special Edition
Captain Johner and the Aliens
Captain Marvel
Captain Science
Captain Sindbad
Captain Sternn, Running Out of Time
Captain Storm
Captain 3-D
Carl Barks and the Art of the Comic Book
Case of the Wasted Water 
Challengers of the Unknown
Chamber of Chills
Chamber of Darkness
Charlie Chan
Charlton Bullseye
Cheyenne Kid
Chief Victorio's Apache Massacre
Christmas in Disneyland
Christmas Parade
Christmas With The Super-heroes
Chuck Norris
Cinderella Love
Circus Comics
Classic Comics
Classics Illustrated
Clint and Mac
Colt .45
Comic Book Artist
Comix Book 
Complete Sky Masters of the Space Force
Conan the Barbarian
Confessions of the Lovelorn
Coo Coo Comics
Cowboy Action
Cowboy Love
Cowboy Western
Crazy Magazine
Creatures on the Loose
Creepy Things
Crime and Justice
Crime and Punishment
Crime Files
Crime Reporter
Crime Smashers
Crime Suspenstories
Crypt of Shadows

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