A - key comics checklist

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Key issues, first issues and first appearances:

Abigail Arcane 1st
Adam Strange 1st+origin
Ant Man crossover
Anton Arcane 1st
Acroyear 1st 
Action Boy 1st
Alicia Masters 1st
Alpha Flight 1st
American Eagle 1st+origin
Ancient One 1st
Andar 1st
Angel 1st golden age timely
Angel 1st silver age marvel
Ani-men 1st
Ant Man 1st bronze age marvel
Ape Man 1st
Aqualad 1st
Aquaman 1st+origin
Arcade 1st
Archer and Armstrong 1st
Atlas 1st
Atom 1st+origin golden age dc
Atom 1st+origin silver age dc
Atomic Knights 1st+origin
Auron 1st
Aurora 1st
Avalanche 1st
Avenger 1st+origin
Avengers 1st+origin
Aztec Ace 1st+origin

A Moon, a Girl... Romance #10 (#1)
Aces High #1
Action Comics #1
Adventures of Rex the Wonder Dog #1
Adventures of the Fly #1
Alarming Adventures #1
Alex Nino's Nightmare #1
Alien Worlds #1
Alpha Flight #1
Amazing Adventures v3 #1a
Amazing Spider-man #1 #300
Amazing Spider-man annual #1
Archer and Armstrong #1
Astonishing Tales #1
Avengers #1 #100
Aztec Ace #1

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