C - key comics checklist

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Key issues, first issues and first appearances:

C3PO 1st
Cannonball 1st
Canteen Kate 1st
Captain Action 1st
Captain America 1st+origin / revival
Captain Britain 1st+origin
Captain Comet 1st+origin
Captain Fear 1st+origin
Captain Marvel 1st+origin golden age fawcett
Captain Marvel 1st silver age marvel
Captain Science 1st
Cat 1st+origin bronze age marvel
Cat Man 1st silver age marvel
Catwoman 1st
Challengers of the Unknown 1st+origin
Chameleon 1st silver age marvel
Chameleon Boy 1st
Champions 1st+origin
Charlie-27 1st
Chewbacca 1st
Chlorophyll Kid 1st
Clark Kent 1st
Clayface 1st bronze age dc
Clea 1st
Cliff Hanger 1st
Cloak and Dagger 1st 
Colossal Boy 1st
Colossus 1st
Collector 1st
Comedian 1st
Commissioner Gordon 1st
Conan 1st
Copperhead 1st
Cosmic Boy 1st
Count Nefaria 1st
Coyote 1st
Creeper 1st+origin
Crystal 1st
Cyborg 1st
Cyclops 1st
Cynthia 1st

Canteen Kate #1
Captain Action #1
Captain America #100 (#1)
Captain America Comics #1
Captain Marvel v2 #1
Captain Science #1
Captain 3-D #1
Cat v2 #1
Challengers of the Unknown #1
Champions #1
Charlie Chan #1
Charlton Bullseye #1
Christmas in Disneyland #1
Christmas Parade #1
Comet #1
Conan the Barbarian #1
Crazy Magazine #1
Creepy #1 #100
Crime Suspenstories #1
Creatures on the Loose #10 (#1)

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