C - key comics checklist

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C3PO 1st
Cable 1st
Cain 1st
Cain Marko 1st
Canteen Kate 1st
Captain Action 1st
Captain America 1st / revival
Captain Britain 1st
Captain Comet 1st
Captain Fear 1st
Captain Marvel 1st / revival fawcett 1940s
Captain Marvel 1st marvel 1960s
Captain Marvel Jr. 1st
Captain Science 1st
Captain Steve Savage 1st
Captain Storm 1st
Captain Universe 1st
Carter Hall 1st
Casper the Friendly Ghost 1st 
Cat 1st dc 1940s
Cat 1st marvel 1970s
Cat Man 1st marvel 1960s
Catwoman 1st
Challengers of the Unknown 1st
Chameleon 1st marvel 1960s
Chameleon Boy 1st
Champions 1st marvel 1970s
Changeling 1st
Charles Xavier 1st
Charlie-27 1st
Cheetah 1st dc 1940s
Chessmen 1st
Chlorophyll Kid 1st
Ch'od 1st
Clark Kent 1st
Clayface 1st dc 1970s
Clea 1st
Cliff Hanger 1st
Clint Barton 1st
Cliff Steele 1st
Cloak and Dagger 1st
Clock 1st
Colossal Boy 1st
Colossus 1st
Collector 1st
Colleen Wing 1st
Comedian 1st
Comet 1st archie 1940s
Commissioner Gordon 1st
Conan 1st
Concrete 1st
Conquer-Lord 1st
Controller 1st
Copperhead 1st
Corsair 1st
Cosmic Boy 1st
Count Nefaria 1st
Coyote 1st eclipse 1980s
Crazy Jane 1st
Creeper 1st
Crimson Avenger 1st
Crow 1st
Crystal 1st
Cyborg 1st
Cyclops 1st
Cynthia 1st

1st = 1st full appearance
separate from 1st appearance:
origin = 1st origin
cover = 1st full cover appearance
solo = 1st solo story
series = 1st ongoing series begins
revival = 1st revival


Cadet Gray of West Point #1
Canteen Kate #1
Captain Action #1
Captain America #100 (#1)
Captain America Comics #1
Captain Marvel v2 #1
Cap'n Quick and a Foozle #1
Captain Marvel Jr. #1
Captain Science #1
Captain Sindbad #NN
Captain Sternn, Running Out of Time #1
Captain Steve Savage #NN (#1)
Captain Storm #1
Captain 3-D #1
Casper #1
Cat v2 #1
Challengers of the Unknown #1
Chamber of Darkness #1
Champions #1
Charlie Chan #1
Charlton Bullseye #1
Chili #1
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang #NN
Christmas in Disneyland #1
Christmas Parade #1
Circus Comics v2 #1
Clint and Mac / Four Color v2 #889
Comet #1
Conan the Barbarian #1 #100
Crack Comics #1
Crazy Magazine #1
Creepshow graphic novel #NN
Creepy #1 #100
Crime Suspenstories #1
Creatures on the Loose #10 (#1)

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