M - series checklist

Machine Man
Madame Xanadu
Magnus Robot Fighter
Man of Steel
Mandrake the Magician
Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves
March of Crime
Marines In Battle
M.A.R.S Patrol
Marvel Chillers
Marvel Classics Comics
Marvel Comics Presents
Marvel Fanfare
Marvel Feature
Marvel Premiere
Marvel Presents
Marvel Preview
Marvel Spotlight
Marvel Super Action
Marvel Super-Heroes
Marvel Tales
Marvel Team-Up
Marvel Treasury Edition
Marvel Treasury Special
Marvel Triple Action
Marvel Two-In-One
Marvel's Greatest Comics
Mask of Dr. Fu Manchu
Masked Raider
Master of Kung Fu
Masters of Terror
Masterworks Series of Great Comic Book Artists
Matt Slade Gunfighter
'Mazing Man
Meet Angel
Meet Miss Pepper
Metal Men
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse Almanac
Midget Comics
Midnight Tales
Mighty Marvel Western
Mister Miracle
Monkeyshines Comics
Monster Hunters
Monster World
Monsters on the Prowl
Monsters Unleashed
Moon Knight
Morlock 2001
Movie Love
Ms. Marvel
Murderous Gangsters 
My Confession
My Experience
My Favorite Martian
My Greatest Adventure
My Love
My Love Life
My Only Love
My Own Romance
My Past Thrilling Confessions
My Real Love
My Romantic Adventures
Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds
Mysterious Suspense
Mystery Comics Digest
Mystery in Space
Mystery Tales
Mystical Tales

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