Thursday, January 29, 2015

Tarzan #215 - Joe Kubert art & cover

Joe Kubert
Tarzan of the Apes v1 #215, 1972 - Intervening on behalf of enslaved workers, Tarzan himself is shackled and forced to work deep in the mines. Reprinted and recomposed from 1930s newspaper strips (with artwork by Hal Foster), the story has a handful of new and modified panels. These are ably illustrated by Joe Kubert, plus three brand new pages at the beginning. The artists' styles are more different than similar, yet the visual storytelling remains largely intact and cohesive. This is number 9 of 43 Tarzan issues with Kubert art and/or covers (not including reprints). See today's posts or more Kubert or Tarzan issues. See also this blog's Joe Kubert checklist.
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Kubert cover pencils and inks = ***
The Mine" Kubert partial story pencils and inks 3+ pages = ***
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