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Pencil Ink started out as a blog on my favorite comic book artists of the past. It has since evolved to include more issues of interest and other meanderings. Hopefully the guide below will help fellow fans navigate through the site:

Artist issues will continue, along with their reviews. The ratings remains the same, relative to the body of the artist's work. Five stars (*****) indicate work of the highest aesthetic quality. Four stars (****) marks work above the usual standards, three stars (***) are given for work that meet expectations, two stars (**) signifies recognizable work but below expectations, while one star (*) conveys work that's virtually unrecognizable in style or an uncharacteristically poor effort by the artist. Mis-attributions are issues credited to the artist in price guides but are actually in error. Non-attributions are issues by the artist, but uncredited in price guides. Starts are the first professional works by selected artists. Top 10 are the best issues per artist, in my opinion. Posts featuring artist biographiesoriginal art and galleries will also continue. More artists will eventually be added to the current selection.

Key issues feature those comics that are collectible beyond their artistic merit. These keys mostly comprise of first appearances, first origins, first issuesmilestones and landmark issues. I hope to include specialty and oddball issues later.

Lastly, look for more miscellany and vintage comic book ads. Any comments are welcome. I strive to improve this blog.

- Ted Ignacio / Pencil Ink

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  1. Ted

    Enjoy your blog very much, thought you might enjoy the latest feature on Tony Robertson's STERANKO Fan-site (I'm the designer) feature is titled: COMPS TO FINISHED... enjoy and please feel free to share.


  2. I've been enjoying your blog since its inception, and while we definitely share a similar list of favorite artists, I wonder why yours doesn't include John Buscema. Being a huge fan, I'd love to read your insights about his late Silver Age / Early Bronze Age work :-)

  3. You should eye-peel for the 3 issues of the 1974 Mad/NatLamp mishmash mag "Harpoon". Within those pages lie bizarre stuff by Adams, Simonson & Starlin, plus maybe Ploog and Wrightson, too...