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I started reading and collecting comics in the 1970s and while I enjoyed the stories, I was drawn mostly toward the artwork. Neal Adams, Jack Kirby and Bernie Wrightson were early favorites, joined by many others over the years. While admiring many artists, I had narrowed my collection to twenty five that are widely considered the best of the 1940s-1990s.

While it was difficult to collect back issues by my favorite artists, the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide was an invaluable resource. However, it wasn't without its mis-attributions (credit given to the wrong artist) and non-attributions (artist work not credited) even today. Nor did it specify the story page-lengths, collaborators or relative quality of the work. Despite this, my 30 years of collecting have allowed me to see the majority of work by the selected artists and form my own opinions.

I started this blog to help other collectors of comic book artists and provide information that I never had. In addition to reviews, I've given each issue a rating for the quality of work by the artist, based on drawings, concepts, layouts and/or sequences, relative to his entire career. Five stars (*****) indicate work of the highest aesthetic quality. Four stars (****) marks work above the usual standards, three stars (***) are given for work that meet expectations, two stars (**) signifies recognizable work but below expectations, while one star (*) conveys work that's virtually unrecognizable in style or an uncharacteristically poor effort by the artist.

Pencil Ink is intended to be a continually expanding resource with the goal of including every comic by each of the featured artists. Others may be added in the future. To my fellow collectors: good luck and good hunting!

- Ted Ignacio / Pencil Ink

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