L - key comics checklist

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La Nuit 1st 
Lady Shiva 1st
Lakota Rainflower 1st
Larry Trainor 1st
Lashina 1st
Lazarus Lane 1st
Legion of Substitute Heroes 1st
Legion of Super-heroes 1st / origin
Lex Luthor 1st
Lightning Boy 1st
Lightning Lad 1st
Lightray 1st
Lilith 1st marvel 1970s
Little Boy Blue 1st
Little Lulu 1st
Living Monolith 1st
Lobo 1st dell 1960s
Lobo 1st dc 1980s
Lockjaw 1st
Lois Lane 1st
Loki 1st
Lomax NYPD 1st
Lord Emp 1st
Lorna Dane 1st
Losers 1st / series
Lucien 1st
Luke Cage 1st
Luke Malone 1st
Luke Skywalker 1st
Lump 1st

1st = 1st full appearance
separate from 1st appearance:
origin = 1st origin
cover = 1st full cover appearance
solo = 1st solo story
series = 1st ongoing series begins
revival = 1st revival


Land Unknown / Four Color v2 #845
Leading Comics  #1
Legion of Monsters #1
Little Lulu 4C #74 (#1)
Lobo #1 dell 1960s
Logan's Run #1
Lone Wolf and Cub #1

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