Master list of Selects

Selects are issues by artists not currently featured on Pencil Ink. These are outstanding works comparable in quality to the featured artists. No ratings will be assigned, as I haven't seen their entire career's output for comparison. Feel free to suggest your favorites in the comments section. 

C.C. Beck
Whiz Comics (1c)

John Buscema
Avengers 57c
Sub-Mariner 1c
Tower of Shadows 2a

Nick Cardy
Witching Hour 3c 4c

Dave Cockrum
John Carter Warlord of Mars 1a
X-men 100c

Jack Davis
Two-Fisted Tales 30c 35c

Ed Hannigan
Spectacular Spider-man 64c

Michael Kaluta
House of Secrets 87a
Shadow v2 1c

Gil Kane
Champions 1c
John Carter Warlord of Mars 1a

Harvey Kurtzman
Frontline Combat 2c 9c
Two-Fisted Tales 20c 27c 28c

Mike Sekowsky
Witching Hour 3c

Joe Shuster
Action Comics 1c
Superman 1c

Basil Wolverton
Mystic 6a

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