D - series checklist

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Daisy and Donald
Daisy Duck's Diary
Danger Is Our Business
Danger Trail
Danny Thomas Show
Darby O' Gill and the Little People
Daredevil Man without Fear
Daring Love
Dark Horse Presents
Dark Knight Strikes Again
Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love
Dark Mysteries
Darklon the Mystic
Daughters of the Dragon
DC Comics Presents
DC 100 Page Super Spectacular
DC Special
DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest
DC Special Series
DC Super-Stars
Dead of Night
Deadly Hands of Kung Fu
Dear John Alex Toth sketchbook
Death of Captain Marvel
Demon with a Glass Hand
Destroyer Duck
Detective Comics
Detectives Inc. A Remembrance of Threatening Green
Devil Dinosaur
Diary Secrets
Disneyland Birthday Party
Do You Believe in Nightmares
Doc Savage
Dr. Fu Manchu
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange Special Edition
Donald Duck
Donald Duck Adventures
Donald Duck Album
Doomsday +1
Dorothy Lamour
Double-Dare Adventures
Double Life of Private Strong
Dracula Lives
Durango Kid

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