Diary Secrets #17 - Matt Baker cover & reprints, Joe Kubert reprint

Matt Baker
Diary Secrets v1 #17, 1953 - A pretty blonde shows apprehension toward her boyfriend's request (whatever it is) this on idyllic Matt Baker cover. Their tension is contrasted against the happy, cavorting couples in the background. The scene is remarkably drawn, posing the two main figures in a triangular composition, separating them from the larger layout. The wafting towel on the right points directly toward the woman's expression. The cover re-packages a collection of previously published material. "Love or Pride?", "The Temptation I Couldn't Resist", "A Date with a Wolf" (all Baker) and "Magnificent Deception" (Joe Kubert) are all reprints from Teen-Age Romances #9. This is number 8 of 21 Diary Secrets issues with Baker art and/or covers.
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Baker cover pencils and inks = ***

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