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Detective Comics #439 - Walt Simonson art, Neal Adams cover, Joe Kubert reprint

Neal Adams
Detective Comics v1 #439, 1974 - Neal Adams begins this 100-page issue with a splendidly fearful cover. Accompanying the main Batman feature is the third installment of the Manhunter saga. Cornered by interpol agent Christine St. Clair, the hero recounts his origins from the 1940s and his recent resurrection. With the exception of one oversized panel (see interior page below), most of Walt Simonson's pages are divided into ever smaller segments. Still, his drawings are impressively laid out and meticulously paced. This story was later reprinted in Manhunter #1 and Manhunter Special Edition #1. Reprints fill the majority of the book, including a golden age Joe Kubert tale (Hawkman) from Flash Comics #92. Other artists in this issue include Carmine Infantino, Sal Amendola and Dick Giordano. This is number 3 of 11 Detective Comics issues with Simonson art and/or covers. See today's posts or more Adams, Kubert, Simonson or Detective Comics issues. See also this blog's Simonson checklist, Kubert checklist, Adams checklist or Top 10 Adams comics.
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Adams cover pencils (Dick Giordano inks) = ***
"The Resurrection of Paul Kirk" Simonson story pencils and inks 8 pages = ****
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Walt Simonson
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