A - series checklist

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A Moon, a Girl... Romance
Abbott and Costello
Aces High
Action Comics
Adventure Comics
Adventure into Mystery
Adventures in Leather
Adventures into Darkness
Adventures into the Unknown
Adventures of Bob Hope
Adventures of Jerry Lewis
Adventures of Rex the Wonder Dog
Adventures of the Fly
Adventures on the Planet of the Apes
Against The Grain: Mad Artist Wallace Wood
Al Williamson Forbidden Worlds
Alarming Adventures
Alarming Tales
Alex Nino's Nightmare
Alien: The Illustrated Story
Alien Worlds
All-American Comics 
All American Men of War
All-Famous Police Cases
All-Star Comics
All-Star Squadron
All-Star Western
Alpha Flight
Amazing Adult Fantasy
Amazing Adventures
Amazing Fantasy
Amazing Ghost Stories
Amazing Spider-Man
Amazing Spider-Man Hooky
Amazing World of DC Comics
An Earth Man On Venus
Anchor Andrews
Angel and the Ape
Annie Oakley
Annie Oakley and Tagg
Apache Kid
Approved Comics
Archie's Joke Book
Archie's Superhero Comics Digest magazine
Art of Al Williamson
Art of John Byrne
Art of Neal Adams 1
Art of Neal Adams 2
Art of Walt Simonson
Astonishing Tales
Atari Force
Atom and Hawkman
Attack on Planet Mars
Authentic Police Cases
Aztec Ace

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