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Matt Baker comics checklist

Matt Baker comic book artistThis blog's Matt Baker checklist is continually updated and expanded. Issues are listed alphabetically and by rating (the more stars, the better the artwork in my opinion). Each title is followed by issue numbers and a letter designating whether it has: a (interior art by the artist), c (cover by the artist), ac (art & cover by the artist), ar (interior art reprint by the artist) or cr (cover reprint by the artist). A cross (†) indicates non-attributed or mis-attributed art.

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Alarming Tales 5a
All-Famous Police Cases 7a
Amazing Ghost Stories 14c 15c 16c
Anchor Andrews 1a
Approved Comics 9c/ar 11c/ar
Authentic Police Cases 6c 7c 8c9c10ac 11ac 12ac 13ac 14ac 15ac 16ac 17c 18ac19c 20c 22c 23ac24c 27c 28c29c 31c 32c 33c 34c 35c/ar 36c/ar37c 38c/ar
Canteen Kate 1ac 2ac 3ac
Cinderella Love 15c 25c 26c 27c 28c 29c
Cowboy Action 11a
Crime Reporter 2c 3c
Diary Secrets 10c/ar 11c/ar 13c/ar 14c/ar 15c/ar 16c/ar 17c/ar 18c/ar 19c/ar 20c 21a 22c 24c/ar 26c 27c 28c 29c 30c/ar
Exotic Romances 28a 31ac
Fightin' Marines 1ac 2a 3ac 4a 5ac 6ac 7ac 9ac 10c 12c
First Love Illustrated 88a
Frontier Western 5a 9a 10a
Giant Comics Editions 5c/ar 6c/ar 11c/ar 12c/ar 13c/ar 15c/ar
Gunsmoke Western 32a 34a 55a 56a
Hawk 8c 9c/ar 11c
Hawk 3-D 1c
Journey Into Mystery 43a
King Richard and the Crusaders / Four Color Comics v2 588a
Lassie 20a 21a 22a
Love Confessions 39a
Love Letters 50a
Lovers 71a† 73a† 81a 85a
Midget Comics (Fighting Indian Stories) 1c
My Own Romance 47a56a68a71a74ac
Nightmare 13c
Northwest Mounties 3a 4ac
Outlaw Kid 13a
Pictorial Confessions 1ac 2a 3ac
Pictorial Romances 4a 5c/ar 6c/ar 7ac 9ac/ar 10ac/ar 11ac/ar 14ac 20ac 21ac 24ac
Quick-Trigger Western 12a 13a 18a
Robin Hood Tales 1c2a† 3a4a† 5a† 6a
Romantic Marriage 23c 24c
Seduction of the Innocent 3-D 2ar
Tales of the Mysterious Traveler 12a13a
Tales of Justice 66a
Teen-age Romances 1ac 2ac 3ac 4a 5a 6a 7a 8a 9ac 10ac 11ac 12ac/ar 13ac/ar 14ac 15ac/ar 16ac 17ac 34ac 38c/ar 43c/ar
Teen-age Temptations 4c
Texan 4ac 5ac 6c 7ac 8ac 9c 11ac 12a† 13ac 14ac 15ac
Two Gun Western v2 6a
Unusual Tales 19ac† 20a
Wartime Romances 4ac 6ac 10c 14c 17c
Weird Adventures 1a
Western Bandit Trails 1c 2c 3ac
Western Gunfighters v2 2ar
Western Outlaws v2 13a
Wild Boy of the Congo 11c 12c 13c 14c 15c
Wild Western 56a

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Amazing Ghost Stories 16c
Cinderella Love 25c 28c
Crime Reporter 3c
Lovers 81a
Teen-age Romances 43c

Approved Comics 11c
Authentic Police Cases 6c 10c 14c 27c 29c
Canteen Kate 2ac
Cinderella Love 26c 29c
Cowboy Action 11a
Diary Secrets 11c 19c 20c 27c 28c 29c 30c
Fightin' Marines 6c
Hawk 11c
Giant Comics Editions 12c
Gunsmoke Western 34a
Lassie 20a 21a
Lovers 71a† 85a
My Own Romance 47a† 56a
Pictorial Romances 7ac 9a 10a 11a 14a 20a 21a 24a
Quick-Trigger Western 12a 18a
Teen-age Romances 34a
Two Gun Western v2 6a
Wartime Romances 4a 6a 17c
Wild Boy of the Congo 14c

Alarming Tales 5a
All-Famous Police Cases 7a
Amazing Ghost Stories 14c 15c
Anchor Andrews 1a
Approved Comics 9c
Authentic Police Cases 7c 8c† 9c† 10a 11ac 12ac 13ac 14a 15ac 16ac 17c 18ac† 19c 20c 22c 23ac24c 28c31c 32c 33c 34c 35c 37c 38c
Canteen Kate 1ac 2ac 3ac
Cinderella Love 15c 27c
Crime Reporter 2c 3c
Diary Secrets 10c 13c 14c 15c 16c 17c 18c 21a 22c 24c 26c
Exotic Romances 28a 31a
Fightin' Marines 1ac 2a 3ac 4a 5ac 6a 7ac 9a
Frontier Western 5a 10a
Giant Comics Editions 5c 6c 11c 13c 15c
Gunsmoke Western 32a 55a 56a
Hawk 8c 9c
Journey Into Mystery 43a
King Richard and the Crusaders / Four Color Comics v2 588a
Lassie 21a 22a
Love Confessions 39a
Love Letters 50a
Lovers 73a
Midget Comics (Fighting Indian Stories) 1c
Nightmare 13c
Northwest Mounties 3a 4ac
Outlaw Kid 13a
Pictorial Confessions 1ac 2a 3ac
Pictorial Romances 4a 5c 6c 9ac 10c 11c 14c 20c 21c 24c
Quick-Trigger Western 13a
Robin Hood Tales 2a† 3a4a† 5a† 6a
Romantic Marriage 23c 24c
Tales of Justice 66a
Teen-age Romances 1a 2a 3ac 4a 5a 6a 7a 8a 9ac 10ac 11ac 12ac 13ac 14ac 15ac 16ac 17ac 34c 38c
Teen-age Temptations 4c
The Texan 4ac 5ac 6ac 7a 8ac 9c 11ac 12a† 13ac 14a 15ac
Wartime Romances 4c 6ac 10c 14c
Weird Adventures 1a
Western Bandit Trails 1c 2c 3ac
Western Outlaws v2 13a
Wild Boy of the Congo 11c 12c 13c 15c
Wild Western 56a

Exotic Romances 31c
Fightin' Marines 9c 10c 12c
First Love Illustrated 88a
Frontier Western 9a
Love Letters 50a
My Own Romance 68a74c
Teen-age Romances 1c 2c
Texan 7c 13ac 14c
Unusual Tales 20a

Hawk 3-D 1c
My Own Romance 71a† 74a
Tales of the Mysterious Traveler 12a† 13a
Unusual Tales 19a

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2 comments to date:

citizenmike said...

Thank you for this checklist. I have to admit I was uneducated on Matt Baker before I started reading this site. But since then I have come to really appreciate and admire a lot of Baker's work. Thanks for a great site.

Ted I said...

The artist checklists will continue to expand as new posts go up. Thanks for your comment. Please let other comic book art fans know about this site and visit often.

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