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Matt Baker (1921-59) - Born in North Carolina and raised in Pittsburgh and Washington DC, Baker studied art at Cooper Union in NYC. His first documented comic book work was published in Jumbo Comics #69, partially illustrating a Sheena story. He subsequent drew for a variety of genres (super-hero, crime, adventure), most notably Fox's Phantom Lady. It was on romance comics, however, where he would gain the most acclaim. Baker had a smooth, sensual approach to figure drawing that made him among the best "good girl" artists of the period. His illustrations were lovingly rendered, paying special attention to the fashion and design trends of the era. Baker was one the few African-Americans in the comic industry, making his depictions of rich, young Caucasians all the more ironic. Read more on Wikipedia.

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  1. Matt Baker is my favorite "Good Girl" comic artist. I feel fortunate to have a few of the original "Phantom Lady" comics.


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