Pictorial Confessions #2 - Matt Baker art

Pictorial Confessions v1 #2, 1949 - In trying to raise money for her boyfriend's career, a young woman gets involved with criminal activity. This first of three Matt Baker stories is the most distinctive, perhaps to its blend of crime and romance genres. All three efforts are delicately drawn with expressive faces and figures. Some pages are heavier in dialogue than others, but the artwork is simply beautiful. Baker's three tales later appeared in other romance titles. The first story was reprinted in Diary Secrets #11 and Diary Secrets #19, the second in Teen-Age Romances #13 and the third in Pictorial Romances #10. This is number 2 of 3 Pictorial Confessions issues with Baker art and/or covers.
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Baker cover pencils and inks = ***
"I Tried to Be A Hollywood Glamour Girl" Baker story pencils and inks 10 pages = ***
"My Strange Complex" Baker story pencils (Chuck Miller? inks) 9 pages = ***
"Hope-Chest Calamity" Baker story pencils and inks 4 pages = ***

Matt Baker comic book page art, 1940s st. john golden age romance, Pictorial Confessions v1 #2
Matt Baker
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