First Love Illustrated #89 - non-attributed Matt Baker art

First Love Illustrated v1 #89, 1957 - Non-attributed in comic book guides, two Matt Baker tales share a similar theme. In "Nobody's Sweetheart", a star female athlete wonders if her tomboyish-ness repels the boys. "Dungaree Doll" features a girl mechanic and her perceived lack of glamor. Interestingly, the two tales have different inkers, allowing for comparison. The first has a softer, looser approach (by Jim Mooney?) while the second is clearer and more streamlined. While I think the latter is better, both are fine efforts by Baker. This is number 4 of 5 First Love Illustrated issues with Baker art and/or covers.
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"Nobody's Sweetheart" Baker story pencils 6 pages = ***
"Dungaree Doll" Baker story pencils 5 pages = ***

Matt Baker
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  1. Not only do the two stories have different inkers, but the first story itself has different inkers. The first two pages have thick cursive outlines around all the figures (a big reason why it looks like it could be Jim Mooney), the bottom two tiers of page 3 have attributes I've only seen in Al Williamson's inking, and then each page looks like maybe a different inker. It looks as though Vince Colletta (who Baker and Williamson were working for at the time) must have said, "Here, everyone. We're behind deadline on this, so everybody take a page."