Love Romances #45 - Matt Baker art

Love Romances #45

Love Romances v1 #45, 1954
 - Lovely Marie basks in the prestige of being the star football player's girl, but are her feelings real or just an illusion? Matt Baker scores big with this tale of college rivalry and romance. His drawings are breathtaking, from the crowd scene on the opening page to the tender vignettes of couples on subsequent pages. His brushwork is fluid and sensitive, maintaining fine details. Baker's clever use of montages also help compress the story without losing clarity. Among his romance works for Atlas, this story stands out. Other artists in this golden age comic include John Forte, Vince Colletta, Al Hartley and Jay Pike. Cover by Colletta. This is 1 of 12 Love Romances issues by Baker.
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"Heart And Soul" Baker story pencils and inks 5 pages = *****

Matt Baker
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Love Romances #45 - Matt Baker art Love Romances #45 - Matt Baker art Reviewed by Ted Ignacio @ Pencil Ink on 1:00 AM Rating: 5

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