Cinderella Love v3 #25 - Matt Baker cover

Cinderella Love v2 #25 st.john romance comic book cover art by Matt Baker
Matt Baker
Cinderella Love v3 #25, 1954 - Matt Baker's colorful cover is artistically exceptional for its time. The lighter tones of the background allow the brunette's face to come forward as the focal point. At the same time, her eyes glance leftward, leading the viewer back toward the montage of Mardi Gras-like scenes. Despite the complexity of multiple elements, his layout is impeccably designed. Not only are his romance comics are among the best of the genre, but this example is one of the finest of his career. This is number 3 of 7 Cinderella Love issues with Baker art and/or covers. 
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Baker cover pencils and inks = *****

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