My Own Romance #66 - non-attributed Matt Baker art, Alex Toth reprint

My Own Romance v1 #66, 1958 - A trio of Matt Baker tales includes a young newlywed with doubts, a secretary in love with her boss, and a coed who learns the value of a true friend. Though not credited in comic book guides, the figure drawings alone reveal the artist's hand. None of the stories are Baker's best efforts, though the opening page to "The Problem of Pamela Nelson"comes closet (see interior page below). Also, the issue's sole text story reprints an Alex Toth panel from My Own Romance #55. Other artists in this issue include Jay Scott Pike. This is number 7 of 14 My Own Romance issues with Baker art and/or covers. Find >this issue or more >Baker or >My Own Romance issues on ebay.
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"When the Honeymoon Ends" Baker story pencils (Vince Colletta inks) 5 pages = *
"I Love You Miss Jones" Baker story pencils (Vince Colletta inks) 4 pages = *
"The Problem of Pamela Nelson" Baker story pencils (Vince Colletta inks) 5 pages = **

Matt Baker
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  1. Marvel database credits Jack Kirby and Vince Colletta as cover artists.

  2. Sorry I had info for the wrong issue. Cover credits for issue 66 are unknown, but I suspect Colletta was involved.

  3. While his early romance stuff was pretty good, his body of work doesn't match the the level of artists I've chosen to feature. It's my opinion, our course. Feel free to start a Vince Colletta blog yourself.


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