Daring Adventures / Approved Comics #6 - Matt Baker cover

Matt Baker
Daring Adventures / Approved Comics v1 #6, 1954 - Featuring the Son of Robin Hood, an attack ensues in the middle of Sherwood Forest. Matt Baker's cover aims for maximum impact. The hero is literally surrounded, fending off enemies coming from all four corners. Ably drawn and laid out, the artist uses the trees' leafy mass to surround the masthead. Also note how the staff in the foreground points toward the framed text. No Baker art within the issue, but the interiors include two stories by Bernard Krigstein. Other artists in this golden age St. John comic include Enrico Bagnoli. This is number 1 of 4 Approved Comics issues with Baker art and/or covers. Find >this issue or more >Baker issues on ebay.
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Baker cover pencils and inks = ***

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