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Frank Miller comics checklist

Frank Miller comic book artist This blog's Frank Miller checklist is continually expanded and updated. Issues below are listed alphabetically and by rating (the more stars, the better the artwork in my opinion). Each title is followed by issue numbers and a letter designating whether it has: a (interior art by the artist), c (cover by the artist), ac (art & cover by the artist), ar (interior art reprint by the artist) or cr (cover reprint by the artist). A cross (†) indicates non-attributed or mis-attributed art.

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Amazing Spider-man 218c 219c
Amazing Spider-man annual 14ac 15ac
Avengers 193c
Bizarre Adventures 28a 31a
Captain America 241c 244c 245c
Captain America annual 5c
Daredevil 158ac 159ac 160ac 161ac 163ac 164ac 165ac 166ac 167ac 168ac 169ac 170ac 171ac 172ac 173ac 174ac 175ac 176ac 177ac 178ac 179ac 180ac 181ac 182ac 183ac 184ac 185ac 186ac 187ac 188ac 189ac 190ac 191ac
DC Special Series 21a
Destroyer Duck 7c
Doctor Strange v2 46c
Fantastic Four Roast 1a
Heroes for Hope 1a
Howard the Duck magazine 8a
Incredible Hulk v2 258c 261c 264c 268c
Incredible Hulk v2 annual 11a
John Carter Warlord of Mars 18ac 25c 26c
Marvel Fanfare 18ac
Marvel Premiere 49c 53c 58c
Marvel Preview 23a
Marvel Team-Up 95c 99c 100ac 102c 106c
Marvel Team-Up annual 3c 4c
Marvel Two-in-One 51a
'Mazing Man 12c
Moon Knight 9c 12c 15c 27c
New Adventures of Superboy 51c
Power Man 66c 67c 68c 70c 71c 72c 73c 74c 76a 80
Rom 1c† 3c 17c 18c
Ronin 1ac 2ac 3ac 4ac 5ac 6ac
Spectacular Spider-man 27a 28a 46c 48c 50c 51c 52c 54c 55c 56c 57c 60c
Spider-man and Daredevil Special Edition 1c/ar
Spider-woman 31c 32c
Star Trek v2 5c 10c
Superman: The Secret Years 1c 2c 3c 4c
Tomb of Dracula magazine 3a
Twilight Zone 84a 85a
Unknown Soldier 219a
What If 27c 28ac 35a
Wolverine 1ac 2ac 3ac 4ac
Wonder Woman 298c
World's Finest 285c
X-men annual 3c

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Amazing Spider-man annual 14a 15a
Daredevil 165c 179a 181a 191a
Bizarre Adventures 28a 31a
Ronin 1a

Amazing Spider-man 219c
Amazing Spider-man annual 14c
Daredevil 159a 161a 174a 175a 177a 180a 181c 182a 183a 184a
Marvel Team-Up 95c
Ronin 1c 5a 6c
Spectacular Spider-man 54c 55c 60c
Spider-man and Daredevil Special Edition 1c
What If 35a
Wolverine 1a 2a 3c 4ac

Amazing Spider-man 218c
Amazing Spider-man annual 15c
Captain America 241c 244c 245c
Daredevil 158ac 159c 160a 161c 163ac 164ac 165a 166a 167c 170a
171a 172a 173ac 174c 175c 176a 178a 179c 180c 184c 185ac 186a 187ac 188a 189ac 190a 191c
DC Special Series 21a
Destroyer Duck 7c
Fantastic Four Roast 1a
Howard the Duck magazine 8a
Incredible Hulk v2 261c
John Carter Warlord of Mars 18a 26c
Marvel Fanfare 18ac
Marvel Premiere 49c 58c
Marvel Preview 23a
Marvel Team-Up 99c 100ac
Marvel Team-Up annual 4c
Marvel Two-in-One 51a
'Mazing Man 12c
Moon Knight 9c 12c 15c
New Adventures of Superboy 51c
Power Man 67c 70c 72c 74c 76a
Rom 3c 18c
Ronin 2ac 3ac 4a 5c 6a
Spectacular Spider-man 48c 50c 51c 56c
Spider-man and Daredevil Special Edition 1c
Spider-woman 31c 32c
Superman: The Secret Years 1c
Tomb of Dracula magazine 3a
What If 28c
Wonder Woman 298c
World's Finest 285c
Wolverine 1c 2c 3a

Avengers 193c
Captain America annual 5c
Daredevil 160c 166c 167a 168ac 169ac 170c 171c 172c 176c 177c
178c 182c 183c 186c 190c
Doctor Strange v2 46c
Heroes for Hope 1a
Incredible Hulk v2 annual 11a
John Carter Warlord of Mars 18c
Marvel Fanfare 18c
Marvel Premiere 53c
Marvel Team-Up annual 3c
Moon Knight 27c
Power Man 66c 68c 71c 73c
Rom 1c† 17c
Ronin 4c
Spectacular Spider-man 27a 28a 46c 57c
Star Trek v2 5c 10c
Superman: The Secret Years 2c 3c 4c
Twilight Zone 84a
What If 28a

Incredible Hulk v2 258c 264c 268c
John Carter Warlord of Mars 25c
Marvel Team-Up 102c 106c
Power Man 76a
Spectacular Spider-man 52c
Twilight Zone 85a
Unknown Soldier 219a
What If 27c

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