Monday, June 12, 2017

What If (Daredevil became an agent of SHIELD?) #28 - Frank Miller art & cover

Frank Miller
What If (Daredevil became an agent of SHIELD?) v1 #28, 1981 - Drawn during his historic run on Daredevil, Frank Miller provides an alternate origin story that's well written but hastily executed. His drawings are loosely defined and some backgrounds are too minimal. Miller's storytelling, including pacing and panel designs, remains skillful and well thought out. The cover is the issue's high point, despite the weak Ghost Rider-featured panel below. Other artists in this issue include Tom Sutton. This is the number 2 of 3 What If issues with Miller art and/or covers. See today's posts or more Miller, What If? or Daredevil issues. See also this blog's Frank Miller checklist.
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Miller cover pencils (Klaus Janson inks) = ***
"Matt Murdock, Agent of Shield" Miller story
pencils (Klaus Janson inks) 12 pages = **
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Frank Miller
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