Super Star Holiday Special / DC Special Series #21 - Frank Miller art (1st Miller Batman)

Super Star Holiday Special / DC Special Series v1 #21, 1980 - A Christmas-themed special, the issue has new material starring Jonah Hex, Sgt. Rock, Legion of Super-heroes and the House of Mystery. The most noteworthy inclusion, however, is a Batman tale drawn by Frank Miller (his first attempt at the character). Hallmarks of his early works appear frequently throughout the story, including silhouetted foreground shapes and radial focal points (pages 9-10). Overall the effort is distinctive, hinting at his future potential. This story was later reprinted in Christmas with the Super-heroes #1. Other artists in this issue include Dick Ayers, Romeo Tanghal, Dan Adkins and Jose Luis Garcia Lopez (art & cover). This is number 1 of 1 DC Special Series issues with Miller art and/or covers.
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"Wanted Santa Claus: Dead or Alive" Miller story pencils (Steve Mitchell inks) 10 pages = ***

Frank Miller
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