Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rom (Spaceknight) #3 - Frank Miller cover

Frank Miller
Rom spaceknight v1 #3, 1979 - Multiple figures add to the complexity of Frank Miller's third cover of the series. The color breaks play a vital role in distinguishing and emphasizing the title character. The radial blast from Rom's weapon provides the focal point, as well as a strong source of illumination. Miller's sequence of an assailant's fall into limbo creates additional visual interest. Other artists in this issue include Sal Buscema. This is number 2 of 4 Rom issues with Miller art and/or covers.
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Miller cover pencils (Terry Austin inks) = ***

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  1. Pretty violent cover for a CCA approved book.

  2. Not really all that violent in context, as the "people" being blasted are really shape-changing aliens.
    And they're not being killed, but instead sent into LIMBO dimension.
    (ROM's neutralizer opens a portal to Limbo and when it blasts the aliens (DIRE WRAITHS) their outer shell disguise turns to dust as their actual selves are sent to limbo.

    Of course, the dust left behind makes it SEEM to everyone that this "robot" has disintegrated a human with his "death ray".
    It made for some great tension (until he was eventually proven not to be a killer).

    Just thought I'd help but some context in there.