Action Comics #1 - 1st Superman + Joe Shuster cover

Action Comics #1
Action Comics v1 #1, 1938 - Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, Superman makes his first appearance and gives birth to a new genre in comics. The hero's origin story is told for the first time, summarized in the single page shown below. When not fighting wife beaters, mobsters and corrupt politicians, Clark Kent works as a reporter for the Daily Star. One of his coworkers, Lois Lane appears for the first time. Kudos to Joe Shuster for his iconic cover design. The entire issue was later reprinted in Famous First Edition #C-26 and >#C-61, while Superman's origin was reprinted in Secret Origins v2 #1 and Secret Origins of the Super DC Heroes. Other features in this golden age comic introduce Zatara the magician, Scoop Scanlon, Pep Morgan and the Adventures of Marco Polo. Shuster's superb cover says less about the new hero and more about his super-abilities. The expression of the man in the foreground shows sheer terror: a warning to evil-doers everywhere. /// key 1st appearance1st origin, Superman, 1st appearance Lois Lane, Zatara, 1st issue select Shuster cover
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Joe Shuster cover pencils and inks
"Superman" Joe Shuster story pencils and inks 13 pages

1st Superman appearance
1st Zatara appearance

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