Friday, July 20, 2012

DC Comics Presents #26 - Jim Starlin art & cover

Jim Starlin
DC Comics Presents v1 #26, 1980 - Too many competing elements nearly mar this promising Jim Starlin cover. The artist begins a short run on this Superman team-up series. Unfortunately, his story pencils are overpowered by the hard-edged inks of Steve Mitchell. Green Lantern, Superman and the rest of the figures appear stiff and clunky throughout. Notably, this issue also contains a New Teen Titans inset story, their first appearance prior to the start of their own title. Finally, a brief Sargon the Sorcerer tale rounds out the book. Other artists in this issue include George Perez and Jose Delbo / Kim DeMulder. This is number 1 of 7 DC Comics Presents issues with Starlin art and/or covers.
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Starlin cover pencils and inks = ***
"Between Friend and Foe" Starlin story pencils (Steve Mitchell inks) 17 pages = **
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Jim Starlin
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  1. I have to disagree about the cover; I've always been awfully fond of this one. You're spot on about the interior inks, though. As much as I enjoyed Stalin's DC Presents issues, the inks kept them from being classics.

    I enjoyed checking out your blog!


  2. Thanks for the comments, and offering up a different opinion. As for Starlin's other DC presents issues, I'll be posting them all soon. Issues #36 and #37 are the best of the bunch.