Mike Ploog comics checklist


Adventures on the Planet of the Apes 1a2a3a† 4a5a† 6a7a† 8a9a
Amazing Adventures v3 12a
Avengers 136ar
Back Issue 15
Conan the Barbarian 57a
Crazy Magazine 1a 4a 7a
Creepy 44a
Dracula Lives 4a
Eerie v3 35a 40a
Frankenstein v3 1ac 2ac 3ac 4ac 5ac 6ac
Gamut 1c
Ghost Rider v3 10r
Giant size Man-Thing 1ac
Journey into Mystery v2 1a
Kull 11ac 12ac 13ac 14a 15a
Man-Thing 5ac 6ac 7a 8ac 9ac 10a 11ac
Marvel Fanfare 24a
Marvel Premiere 5c 6c 7c 38a
Marvel Preview 8a
Marvel Spotlight 2a 3ac 4ac 5ac 6ac 7ac 8ac 9c
Marvel Super Action 1a
Monsters Unleashed 6a
Moon Knight 35
Original Ghost Rider 1r 2r 8c
Planet of the Apes 1a 2a 3a 4a 6a 8a 11a 13a 14a 19a
Police Action v2 1a 2a 3a
Power Records PR-14cr/r PR-16cr/r PR-17cr/r
Savage Sword of Conan 34a
Twisted Tales 2a
Vampirella 14a
Vault of Evil 2c
Werewolf By Night 1ac 2ac 3ac 4ac 5ac 6ac 7ac 8c13ac 14ac 15ac 16ac


Frankenstein v3 1a 2a 3ac 4a
Kull 11a
Giant size Man-Thing 1c
Man-Thing 5c 7a
Marvel Spotlight 3a
Planet of the Apes 6a 8a

Conan the Barbarian 57a
Creepy 44a
Eerie v4 40a
Frankenstein v3 1c 2c 5a 6a
Kull 11c
Man-Thing 8c 11c
Marvel Premiere 38a
Marvel Preview 8a
Marvel Spotlight 2a 5a
Original Ghost Rider 8c
Planet of the Apes 1a 2a
Savage Sword of Conan 34a
Vampirella 14a
Werewolf By Night 1c 13ac

Amazing Adventures v3 12a
Crazy Magazine 1a 4a 7a
Frankenstein v3 4c 5c
Gamut 1c
Giant size Man-Thing 1a
Kull 12ac
Journey into Mystery v2 1a
Man-Thing 5a 6ac 7a 8a 9c 10a
Marvel Premiere 5c 6c 7c
Marvel Spotlight 3c 4ac 5c 6ac 7ac 8c 9c
Marvel Super Action 1a
Monsters Unleashed 6a
Planet of the Apes 3a 4a 11a 13a 14a
Police Action v2 1a
Twisted Tales 2a
Vault of Evil 2c
Werewolf By Night 1a 2ac 3ac 4c 5c 6c 7c 8c 13c 14ac 15c 16a

Eerie v3 35a
Frankenstein v3 6c
Kull 14a
Man-Thing 9a 11a
Marvel Fanfare 24a
Planet of the Apes 19a
Police Action v2 2a 3a
Werewolf By Night 4a 5a 6a 7a 15a 16c

Dracula Lives 4a
Kull 15a
Marvel Spotlight 8a

a = interior art
c = cover
ac = art & cover
r = interior art reprint
cr = cover reprint
† = non-attributed / mis-attributed art and/or cover

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  1. Probably should include Ploog's ABADAZAD books as they are about one third graphic novel, word balloons and all. Two volumes in US, a third in UK only and a 4th supposedly finished but unpublished (last time i checked).

  2. Thanks for the info. Now if I could only find them....

  3. I would love to read your opinion on Ploog's graphic novel The Life and Adventures of Santa Clause by Tundra Books (1992). An absolutely stunning piece of work.

  4. Ill be sure to look into it. Thanks for the recommendation.