Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Top 10 Mike Ploog comics

Top ten Mike Ploog comic books My own top ten list of best comics (art and/or covers) by the artist. I've chosen and ranked them relative to his body of comic book work to date. Share your own recommendations in the comments section.

Frankenstein v3 #2
Frankenstein v3 #3
Frankenstein v3 #1
Frankenstein v3 #4
Kull #11
Planet of the Apes #6
Planet of the Apes #8
Man-Thing #5
Man-Thing #7
Marvel Spotlight #3



pete doree said...

Good choices all. The only ones I'd nitpick about are the 'Night Of The Laughing Dead' issues of Man-Thing & Mike's pencil Kull story 'The Mirrors Of Tuzun Thune', which is my favourite Ploog ever. But good choices all!

Joe Bloke said...

see, now I'd've had Marvel Premiere # 38 up there at number one, meself. that's a beautiful book. then, probably ANY of his Planet of the Apes work.

I once asked Mike for a sketch of a gorilla at a signing, and he seemed genuinely suprised and pleased that I even remembered he drew Planet of the Apes in the first place.

Ted I said...

Planet of the Apes seems to be one of Mike Ploog's least known bronze age works, despite the fact he did such a terrific job. Perhaps because his contributions to the series were sporadic. I'll be posting all of his Apes issues soon.

Keefer said...

Great list, including the noteworthy issues that you mentioned!

I would be tempted to put Planet of the Apes 6 and 8 at the top. Also, Planet of the Apes 1 and 2 are awfully good.

Man Thing 6 might also be deserving of mention. To me, it's one of the better Chiaramonte inked issues.

monsterhoodoo said...

Werewolf by Night #15 should be on this list.