Dracula Lives #4 - Mike Ploog art

Dracula Lives v1 #4, 1975 - After being instrumental in the success of other Marvel horror tiles (among them Werewolf by Night, Man-Thing and Frankenstein), it seems obvious that Mike Ploog would have a turn at Dracula. Unfortunately, his promising pencils are largely quashed by the heavy-handed inks of Ernie Chua. His overly detailed approach takes the spontaneity out of the initial drawings. While there are few pages where Ploog's layouts are recognizable, this is mostly a failed pairing of incompatible styles. Other artists in this issue include Vincente Alcazar, Rich Buckler, Klaus Janson, Tony Mortellaro (reprint), Joe Maneely (reprint), Pablo Marcos and Earl Norem (cover). This is number 1 of 1 Dracula Lives issues with Ploog art and/or covers.
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"Fear Stalker" Ploog story pencils (Ernie Chua inks) 14 pages (black and white) = *

Mike Ploog
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  1. Alguna vez leyo o vio unos comics de Mexico,
    Tawa y Chanoc?

    Ambos muy curiosos, raros i no muy populares..El primero era en tonos de brown.

    Un mundo de hombres bestias, faunos, minotauros i demas..

    Suerte i exito en sus proyectos.

  2. Todavía estoy poniendo al día con mi colección de cómics internacionales. Déjame saber sus recomendaciones.