Frankenstein v3 #4 - Mike Ploog art & cover

Frankenstein v2 #4 marvel comic book cover art by Mike Ploog
Mike Ploog
(Monster of) Frankenstein v3 #4, 1973 - Recovering from a shipwreck, the monster tries to save the captain and a cabin boy he befriends. While gathering wood, he remembers the events leading to his eventual encasement in the glacial ice. Mike Ploog's pencils and general layouts are impressive, but he relinquishes the inks on this issue. John Verpoorten's finishes are less sensitive, but add an appropriately rough quality to the tribal warfare scenes (see interior page shown below). The vast remoteness of the arctic and the primitivism of the indigenous tribes are perfectly captured by Ploog's exquisite drawings. This is number 4 of 6 Frankenstein issues with Ploog art and/or covers.
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Ploog cover pencils and inks = ***
"Death of the Monster"
Ploog story pencils (John Verpoorten inks) 20 pages = *****

Frankenstein v2 #4 marvel comic book page art by Mike Ploog
Mike Ploog
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