Frankenstein v3 #5 - Mike Ploog art & cover

Frankenstein v2 #5 marvel comic book cover art by Mike Ploog
Mike Ploog
(Monster of) Frankenstein v3 #5, 1973 - The monster encounters a small Scandinavian village, rescuing a young woman bound to a flaming ship and drawing the ire of the residents. The combination of Mike Ploog's pencils and John Verpoorten's inks work surprisingly well given their difference in style. The monster's raft floats quietly through a moonlit fjord on the opening splash page, a scene of breathtaking serenity. Equally compelling is the monster's confrontation with the girl's father (see interior page below), with its clever juxtaposition of faces and figures. Ploog delivers another excellent effort as he nears the end of his run on this title. This is number 5 of 6 Frankenstein issues with Ploog art and/or covers.
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Ploog cover pencils and inks = ***
"The Monster Walks Among Us" Ploog story pencils (John Verpoorten inks) 20 pages = ****

Frankenstein v2 #5 marvel comic book page art by Mike Ploog
Mike Ploog
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