Monday, June 5, 2017

Fantastic Four #19 - Jack Kirby art & cover

Jack Kirby
Fantastic Four v1 #19, 1963 - Seeking a cure for Alicia's blindness, the FF uses Dr. Doom's time travel machine to travel to ancient Egypt. Consequently, they run afoul of the powerful pharaoh Rama-Tut. Jack Kirby seems to relish the opportunity to draw one of the world's great ancient cultures. Pyramids, camels and chariots are faithfully portrayed, contrasting against the modern day heroes. Kirby's artwork overall is more than sufficient. This is number 19 of 116 Fantastic Four issues with Kirby art and/or covers. See today's posts or more Kirby or Fantastic Four issues. See also this blog's Jack Kirby checklist.
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Kirby cover pencils (Paul Reinman inks) = **
"Prisoners of the Pharoah” Kirby story pencils (Dick Ayers inks) 22 pages = ***
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Jack Kirby
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