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Frank Brunner comics checklist

Frank Brunner comic book artistThis blog's Frank Brunner checklist is continually updated and expanded. Issues are listed alphabetically and by rating (the more stars, the better the artwork in my opinion). Each title is followed by issue numbers and a letter designating whether it has: a (interior art by the artist), c (cover by the artist), ac (art & cover by the artist), r (interior art reprint by the artist) or cr (cover reprint by the artist). A cross (†) indicates non-attributed or mis-attributed art.

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Alien Worlds 6ac 9a
Brunner Mystique ac/r
Brute 3a
Captain America 115c
Chamber of Chills v2 2a 3a 4ac
Conan the Barbarian 17c
Creepy 39a 45a
Doctor Strange v2 1ac 2ac 3ac 4ac 5ac 6c 22c 28c 29c 30c 33c
Doctor Strange Special Edition 1a/r
Eerie v3 35a
Epic Illustrated 12c
Fear 15c 16c 17c
Giant-size Man-Thing 4ac 5a
Haunt of Horror 1a 2a
Howard the Duck 1ac 2ac
Ka-zar 4c
Man-Thing 1c
Marvel Premiere 4ac 6a 9ac 10ac 11ac 12ac 13ac 14ac
Marvel Treasury Edition 6ac/r 12r
Masters of Terror 1r
Monsters Unleashed 2r 11c
Quack 1ac 6r
Red Sonja 12c 13c 14c
Savage Sword of Conan 8a 14a 30ac
Savage Tales 2a 3a
Silver Surfer 6a
Strange Tales 177c
Super-Team Family 3c
Supernatural Thrillers 11c
Tomb of Dracula 12c
Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction 4c 5a 6c
Vampirella 10a 12a
Vault of Evil 3c 4c
Warp 1ac 2ac 3ac 4ac 5ac 6ac 7ac 8ac 9ac
Web of Horror 3a

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Doctor Strange v2 1c 3c 5c
Giant Size Man-Thing 4c
Marvel Treasury Edition 6c
Red Sonja 12c

Doctor Strange v2 4a 6c 22c
Eerie v3 35a
Giant Size Man-Thing 4a 5a
Howard the Duck 1a 2c
Ka-zar 4c
Man-Thing 1c
Marvel Premiere 10a 12c
Marvel Treasury Edition 6a
Quack 1a
Savage Sword of Conan 30a
Supernatural Thrillers 11c

Alien Worlds 6c 9a
Chamber of Chills v2 2a 3a 4ac
Creepy 39a 45a
Doctor Strange v2 1a 2ac 3a 4c 5a 28c
Doctor Strange Special Edition 1a
Epic Illustrated 12c
Fear 15c 16c 17c
Haunt of Horror 1a 2a
Howard the Duck 1c 2a
Marvel Premiere 9c 10c 11ac  12a 13ac 14ac
Monsters Unleashed 11c
Quack 1c
Red Sonja 14c
Savage Sword of Conan 14a
Savage Tales 2a 3a
Strange Tales 177c
Super-Team Family 3c
Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction 4c
Vampirella 10a 12a
Vault of Evil 3c 4c
Warp 3c 6ac 7a 8c 9c

Alien Worlds 6a
Conan the Barbarian 17c
Doctor Strange v2 29c 30c 33c
Marvel Premiere 4ac 6a 9a
Red Sonja 13c 14c
Savage Sword of Conan 8a 30c
Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction 5a 6c
Warp 1a 2ac 3a 4ac 5ac 6c 8a 9a
Web of Horror 3a

Brute 3a
Captain America 115c
Silver Surfer 6a
Tomb of Dracula 12c
Warp 1c 7c

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