Red Sonja #13 - Frank Brunner cover

Frank Brunner
Red Sonja v1 #13, 1979 - Red Sonja leaps toward the viewer with weapons drawn, while a woolly mammoth bursts through the background. Frank Brunner cleverly uses the massive tusks to emphasize the title heroine. Their symmetrical paths lead the eye toward her while creating a subtle circular frame. Unfortunately, the artist's characteristic brushwork is mostly absent, except for the foreground cavemen. Brunner's rendition of Red Sonja seems more influenced by artist Frank Thorne (who drew the earlier issues) than his own style. It should also be noted that the interior story by John Buscema (inked by Al Milgrom) is among his best bronze age works I've seen. This is number 2 of 3 Red Sonja issues with Brunner art and/or covers.
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  1. Was just reading The Comics Journal 51, where Brunner says Editorial redrew Red Sonja's face to make her look more like Thorne's version. One of many reasons he quit workign for Marvel.

  2. I can see that in his covers for Red Sonja #13 and #14. Ironically, Marvel seems to have had no qualms about her face on Red Sonja #12. It's clearly done in his own style and its his best cover of the series.