The Brute #3 - Jim Starlin, Frank Brunner art

The Brute v1 #3, 1975 - In the tradition of the Incredible Hulk, Atlas Comics takes a turn at the man-monster genre. Unfortunately, The Brute lacks the charisma of more mainstream characters and last for a mere three issues. In this final story, some price guides credit the pencils to Alan Weiss, Jim Starlin and Frank Brunner. There seems scant evidence of the two latter artists' contributions. Page sixteen (see interior page below) most closely resembles Starlin's work, especially in the faces. Brunner's style is frankly indistinguishable. If they did lend a hand, their efforts fall far below expectations. Other artists in this issue include Pablo Marcos (cover). This is number 1 of 1 Brute issues with Starlin art and/or covers and number 1 of 1 Brute issues with Brunner art and/or covers.
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"Live or Let Die" Starlin partial pencils (Jack Abel inks) = *, Brunner partial pencils? (Jack Abel inks) = *

Jim Starlin
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  1. If that page is Starlin, he must have been penciling over Weiss' layouts. That example sure doesn't look like his storytelling or page design.

  2. Dig the dialog in panel six: "I aint gettin' paid to tangel wit that! Lemme outta here!"
    Does "tangel" rhyme with "angel"?

  3. To my eyes this does look like a Starlin page, particularly the figures and layouts, although the inks are likely by Jack Abel.

    Nick Caputo