Doctor Strange v2 #4 - Frank Brunner / non-attributed Neal Adams art, Brunner cover

Frank Brunner
Doctor Strange v2 #4, 1974 - The sorcerer supreme continues to make his way through an unreal world within the Eye of Agamotto. Frank Brunner's cover keenly suggests the madness that awaits inside. The artist delivers another admirable effort, depicting the hero's plight within an infinite void. Although Dick Giordano is the story's credited inker, Neal Adams does most of the work. His hand appears on a few sporadic panels, but he's most effective on a silent, mystical sequence (see interior page below) and the hero's full-page portrait on page 16. Brunner and Adams's collaboration places this story among the best drawn of the series. This story was first reprinted in Doctor Strange Special Edition #1. This is number 4 of 11 Doctor Strange issues with Brunner art and/or covers.
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Brunner cover pencils and inks = ***
"Where Bound'ries Decay" Brunner story pencils / Adams partial inks, 18 pages = ***

Frank Brunner / Neal Adams
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