Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Savage Sword of Conan #8 - Walt Simonson art, Frank Brunner cover

Frank Brunner
Savage Sword of Conan v1 #8, 1975 - The second chapter of the Hyborian Age chronicles the aftermath of a global disaster. With Atlantis and Lemuria destroyed, civilization descends into barbarism. Walt Simonson captures the savagery of the era in his graphically busy style. No splash pages occur in this story, although large panels appear frequently. Simonson’s work continues to be distinctive, unlike Frank Brunner’s labored and garish cover. Other artists in this issue include Tim Conrad and Bruce Jones. This is number 2 of 7 Savage Sword of Conan issues with Simonson art and/or covers and number 1 of 3 Savage Sword of Conan issues with Brunner art and/or covers. See today's posts or more Brunner, Byrne, Simonson or Savage Sword of Conan issues. See also this blog's Brunner checklist, Simonson checklistTop 10 Brunner comics or the original cover to this issue.
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Brunner cover painting = **
"The Hyborian Age (chapter 2)" Simonson story pencils and inks pages (black and white) = ***
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Walt Simonson
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