No Time For Sergeants / Four Color Comics v2 #914 - Alex Toth art

No Time For Sergeants / Four Color Comics v2 #914, 1958 - Andy Griffith is prominently featured on the cover of this Warner Brothers film adaptation. Alex Toth puts aside any attempt to capture the likenesses of the main characters, Will Stockdale and Ben Whitledge. He opts instead to create certain recognizable character stereotypes, which seem to work just as well. The artwork successfully melds realistic settings with the duo's comedic misadventures. The consistently paced layouts are punctuated by two minor fight scenes, both more lively and dimensional than the rest of the book (see interior page below). Not surprisingly, they are also the issue's artistic high points.
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"No Time For Sergeants" Toth story pencils and inks 32 pages = ***

No Time For Sergeants / Four Color Comics #914 - Alex Toth dell comic book page art
Alex Toth
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