Man-Thing #1 - Frank Brunner cover

Man-Thing v1 #1 marvel 1970s bronze age comic book cover art by Frank Brunner
Frank Brunner

Man-Thing v1 #1, 1974 - After a ten issue run in the mystery series Fear,  Man-Thing gets his own title starting with this issue. Continuing from Fear #19, the story is also noteworthy for Howard the Duck's second appearance. Frank Brunner illustrates this terrific cover, depicting the Man-Thing within his natural environment. Despite the mud and ooze, the color palette infuses the monster with an unearthly glow. Note also how the vines and branches form an oval-shaped frame around the character. Other artists in this issue include Val Mayerick and Sal Trapani. This is the only Man-Thing series cover by Brunner.
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Brunner cover pencils and inks = ****

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  1. an OUTSTANDING piece of art. i bought this off the stand as a kid and simply stared at the cover for what seems like hours. I would actually prefer this piece to his Dr Strange stuff, and that is saying something.

    And it should be said, for the limited nature of the color back then, this cover would not be improved at all by the use of modern computer color. It would be muddied up horribly and lose depth. This is an excellent technical example of what the colorists could do back then on a great day.