Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tarzan of the Apes #161 - Russ Manning art

Tarzan of the Apes v1 #161, 1966 - Still suffering from amnesia, Tarzam searches for his kidnapped wife and a pouch of precioius gems. In this final installment of The Jewels of Opar, the drawings appear more detailed and the layouts more dynamic. Russ Manning's foliage is varied and pervasive, reinforcing the exotic setting. Most noteworthy is page 11, where he employs simple black and white imagery to convey Tarzan's lost memories. In addition to the Edgar Rice Burroughs adaptation, Manning also delivers a short Brothers of the Spear Tale nearly equal in quality. This is number 122 of 132 Tarzan issues with Manning art and/or covers (not including reprints). See today's posts or more Manning or Tarzan issues. See also this blog's Russ Manning checklist.
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"Fight for the Treasure" Manning story pencils and inks 24 pages = ***
"Defiant Trumpet" Manning story pencils and inks 4 pages = ***

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Russ Manning
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