Friday, October 24, 2014

Star Wars #47 - Frank Miller cover

Star Wars v1 #47, 1981 - Pursued by militant droids, C3PO and R2D2 run for their lives. On this colorful Frank Miller cover, the background remains outlined, allowing the main characters to come to the fore. The artist's robotic designs are varied and inventive. They in turn contribute to a visually arresting, almost festive scene. Miller's penchant for machinery makes this issue stand out. Other artists in this issue include Carmine Infantino and  Gene Day. This is number 1 of 1 Star Wars issues with Miller art and/or covers. See today's posts or more Miller or Star Wars issues. See also this blog's Frank Miller checklist.
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Miller cover pencils (James Sherman inks) = ***
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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Christmas with the Super-heroes - comic series checklist

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Christmas with the Super-heroes v1

1 - John Byrne cover, Frank Miller, Neal Adams reprints
2 - John Byrne art

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Warfront #29 - Jack Kirby cover

Warfront v1 #29, 1956 - The killing gets up close and personal on this gritty Jack Kirby cover. Despite the inappropriately bright colors, the drawing itself is deadly serious. The layout is simple but forceful, rendered in a style not unlike much earlier Simon and Kirby works. Other artists in this issue include Warren Kremer and Jack Sparling. This is number 2 of 4 Warfront issues with Kirby art and/or covers. See today's posts or more Kirby or Warfront issues.
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Kirby cover pencils (Joe Simon inks) = ***
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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

House of Secrets #96 – Bernie Wrightson cover, Wally Wood art, Alex Toth reprint

House of Secrets v1 #96, 1971 - Bernie Wrightson begins the issue with his exceptional cover. Innocent children are directly contrasted against the ghoulish residents of an old painting. The artistic details are delicately applied and beautifully executed. Wally Wood delivers the tale of a little boy, terrified and alone in a world of monsters. The creatures are beyond grotesque, created by the artist's fluent imagination. The drawing, pacing and layouts are superb throughout a mere six pages. Reminiscent of his 1950s EC work, this story is this story is among Wood's finest bronze age efforts. Lastly, the issue includes a Alex Toth sci-fi tale from House of Secrets #48. Other artists in this issue include Bill Draut, Dick Dillin, Jack Abel and Sergio Aragones. This is number 3 of 3 House of Secrets issues with Wood art and/or covers and number 6 of 11 House of Secrets issues with Wrightson art and/or covers. See today's posts or more Wood, Toth, Wrightson or House of Secrets issues. See also this blog's Toth checklist, Wood checklistWrightson checklist or Top 10 Wrightson comics.
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Wrightson cover pencils and inks = ****
"The Monster" Wood pencils and inks 6 pages = ****
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Teen-age Romances #9 - Matt Baker art & cover, Joe Kubert art

Teen-age Romances v1 #9, 1950 - Matt Baker contributes two tales in this issue: a materialistic girl convinces men to buy her nice things and a cheerleader plays the field with little thought to the consequences. Both are sumptuously drawn with his typical smooth, flowing lines. Baker also does a large illustration of similar quality for the issue's sole text story. A bit less impressive is Joe Kubert's work on "Magnificent Deception",  a tale of a rising starlet torn between two different men. His inking only brings marginal improvement to the pencils. All four stories (which were later reprinted in Diary Secrets #17) are packaged within an attractive Matt Baker cover. Read the brown-haired woman's inadvertently sexual comment to get a chuckle. This is number 9 of 45 Teen-age Romances issues with Baker art and/or covers. See today's posts or more BakerKubert or Teen-age Romances issues. See also this blog's Baker checklist or Kubert checklist.
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Baker cover pencils and inks = ***
"Love or Pride?" Baker story pencils and inks 7 pages = ***
"The Temptation I Couldn't Resist" Baker story pencils and inks 7 pages = ***
"A Date With a Wolf" Baker text illo pencils and inks 2 pages = ***
"Magnificent Deception" Kubert story inks (Hy Rosen pencils) 8 pages = **
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