Amazing Ghost Stories #16 - Matt Baker cover, Joe Kubert reprint

Amazing Ghost Stories v1 #16 - Matt Baker 1950s golden age comic book cover art
Matt Baker
Amazing Ghost Stories v1 #16, 1955 - One of Matt Baker's finest covers captures a moment of terror. A young couple's foray into a mine shaft awakens an angry ghost. The darkened environment reinforces the claustrophobia. A falling lantern illuminates the foreground. Note the carefully positioned stance of the figures, creating a dynamic V-shape that encloses the specter in the distance. Baker also exquisitely details the couple's clothing. Even the new larger masthead works surprisingly well this exceptional illustration. Included in this issue is a Joe Kubert reprint from Weird Thrillers #4 and a page by Everett Raymond Kinstler. This is number 3 of 3 Amazing Ghost Stories issues with Baker art and/or covers.
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Baker cover pencils and inks = *****

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