Diary Secrets #19 - Matt Baker cover & reprints

Matt Baker
Diary Secrets v1 #19, 1953 - While watching a sporting event, a handsome spectator makes a date with the concessions girl. Matt Baker makes the most of this innocuous event, filling the stands with fans of varying degrees of enthusiasm. Judging by the woman on the left in the background, there's little action on the field. Inside, the three Baker stories are all reprints. "Temptation Was My Weakness"(originally titled "How Could I Fight Temptation?") and "My Rx Love" (originally titled "I Dared to Kiss and Tell") are both from Teen-Age Romances #2. "Phony Glamour Led to Tears" (originally titled "I Tried to Be A Hollywood Glamour Girl") first appeared in Pictorial Confessions #2. Other artists in this St. John golden age romance comic include Lily Renee. This is number 10 of 21 Diary Secrets issues with Baker art and/or covers. Find >this issue or more >Baker or >Diary Secrets issues on ebay.
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Baker cover pencils and inks = ****

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