Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wartime Romances #6 - Matt Baker art & cover

Matt Baker
Wartime Romances v1 #6, 1952 - Despite the numerous small panels and abundant dialogue, Matt Baker illustrates three stories with masterful ease. Each typically opens with a large title panel, setting the tone for the remaining pages. His most memorable effort is "Engagement for Profit", about a woman who first rejects a GI, then pursues him when she discovers his family's wealth. Several of Baker's scenes are exquisitely drawn (see interior page below), with more varied layouts than his previous two stories. By contrast, his multi-paneled cover design is merely sufficient. This is number 6 of 18 Wartime Romances issues with Baker art and/or covers. See today's posts, more Baker or Wartime Romances issues. See also this blog's Matt Baker checklist.
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Baker c
over pencils and inks = ***
"Escapades of a Navy Wife"
Baker story pencils (Ray Osrin inks) 9 pages = ***
"Camouflaged Heart"
Baker story pencils (Ray Osrin inks) 8 pages = ***
"Engagement for Profit"
Baker story pencils (Ray Osrin inks) 7 pages = ****
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Matt Baker
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