Neal Adams biography

Neal Adams (1941-) - Born in New York City, Adams attended the School for Industrial Art in Manhattan in the late 1950s. His first foray into comics was drawing a series of single and half-page gags that appeared in Archie's Joke Book magazine #44. After a high profile stint illustrating the newspaper strip Ben Casey, he began work for Marvel and DC in the late 1960s. X-men, Strange Adventures and Brave and the Bold immediately caught the attention of fans. Soon afterwards, he teamed up with writer Denny O' Neil on the groundbreaking Green Lantern / Green Arrow series. Adams introduced a new realism to comics, emphasizing more accurate depth, perspective and foreshortening. His viewpoints and angles were cinematic in style. Combined with his excellent draftsmanship, he became the most influential artist of the bronze age. Read more on Wikipedia.

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