The Art of Al Williamson

Al Williamson
The Art of Al Williamson, 1983 - First published in 1983, this was the first major book on the artist's work and career. In addition to a lengthy interview with Williamson, author James Van Hise also talks with many of his creative collaborators. Recollections and insights are shared by Frank Frazetta, Angelo Torres, William Gaines, Archie Goodwin, Al McWilliams, George Woodbridge, Roy Krenkel, Ray Bradbury, George Evans and Gray Morrow. The book also marks the first serious attempt at a Williamson comics checklist. Reprinted stories include "The Hunted" (from Two-Gun Kid #25), "The Little Earth" (from Blast Off #1), "The Lizard" (from Mystery Tales #51), "The Vicious Space Pirates" (from Danger Is Our Business #1), "Food for Thought" (from Incredible Science Fiction #32), "The Gun-slinger" (from Kid Slade #7 and "When the Creature Escapes" (from World of Suspense #7). The newspaper strips Robby and Secret Agent Corrigan appear on a number of pages, but also included is two weeks of Star Wars strips for George Lucas (1978), published here for the first time. In general, the book's printing quality is spotty, but the interviews alone make this worthy of any collection. Paperback, full color cover & back cover, black and white interiors, 148 pages total.
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Al Williamson / Frank Frazetta
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