Daredevil #200 - John Byrne cover

Daredevil v1 #200 marvel comic book cover art by John Byrne
John Byrne
Daredevil v1 #200, 1983 - A victorious Daredevil looms over a severely beaten and battered Bullseye. The sparse background puts the focus solely on the two figures. Note how the hero's face is cloaked in shadow, suggesting a darker side. Most milestone issues display a celebratory cover, but here John Byrne opts for an effectively disturbing image for the 200th edition. Other artists in this issue include William Johnson and Danny Bulanadi. This is number 2 of 5 Daredevil issues with Byrne art and/or covers. Find >this issue or more >Byrne or >Daredevil issues on ebay.
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Byrne cover pencils (Terry Austin inks) = ****

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